Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
— Hellen Keller







& Consultancy


Planet Promoters draws on experience across many sectors of the hospitality industry - from product management & procurement to tour operations, training, event management, marketing, consumer sales & bespoke tour compilation for HNWI.

We understand the multi faceted demands of the modern traveller, from experiential to bespoke and, in turn, the needs of travel professionals today. By utilising our in depth understanding of the entire booking process, Planet Promoters is able to provide a valuable link between your product and those at the front line of sales.



Ailsa Tavares - Director

Ailsa’s career in the travel industry is varied and spans three decades and two continents. From specialist field sales, to product management, procurement and representation. Ailsa began her career working in the UK for a European and then luxury long haul Tour Operator until the early 1990’s when she ventured to South Africa. Here she held product and sales positions, contributing in the early years to what has become one of the region’s leading inbound and outbound operations. Back in the UK she took up a specialist sales position for an Indian Ocean operator until forming her own representation & consultancy company in the early 2003 – Travel Promoters Ltd. For the past nine+ years Ailsa has represented and acted as Director of Sales and Marketing and the UK sales representative offices for several key hotels, lodges and islands within Africa and the Indian Ocean.


Sheena Dovey - Director

Sheena was a founding partner in an existing leading, luxury representation company for over twelve years. Her career in travel has been both detailed and involved. From beginning at the front line in large London travel agencies before entering into tour operations as a key buyer and Product Manager for Africa, Indian Ocean, India and Middle East, to running the ultra-luxury programme for a leading UK tour operator, and finally into luxury marketing and representation. Sheena is both respected and well known within African and Indian Ocean sales circles and beyond.  From rate to brand placement, with extensive knowledge of destination, UK market and product we are confident we will ensure your product stays one step ahead of the competition.  


Sophie Taylor - Business Development Manager

Sophie has extensive experience in representation and for the past six years has worked with a comprehensive group of Luxury African and Maldivian properties, following four years prior to that working with a Caribbean portfolio. She holds a University degree in Marketing and has been a keen traveller from a young age. Sophie is extremely well connected within the travel trade in the UK and brings a wealth of enthusiasm and knowledge to our team. She has the ability to network with our trade partners of all ages and an exemplary reputation of maintaining a balance between winning trade partners over in a friendly manner whilst acting as an outstanding ambassador for the properties she represents. She is a valuable asset to our sales drive ensuring our partner properties have a key presence in their chosen market.


Chris Price - Account Manager

Chris lives and breathes the travel industry and has built thirty two years of experience, knowledge and contacts across multiple sectors. After completing his degree in Tourism Studies on a brand-new course, he worked for a luxury long-haul tailor-made specialist on the retail counter and then set them up on the road for agency sales in the UK. His career includes seven years at Virgin Atlantic and seven years in tour operations. He spent six years promoting global brands via media, marketing and PR agencies with specialist travel prize fulfilment.  He has made multiple trips to Africa and the Indian Ocean and has a true passion for the amazing destinations we work with. When not maximising client potential, he will usually be found at a gig, a sporting event, or the coast.

Rachael 2 web.jpg

Rachael Channon - Account Assistant

Rachael gained an in-depth knowledge of the travel industry working for a luxury tour operator for eight years. She began her career in a sales role specialising in Africa, the Indian Ocean and Asia followed by four years in a product and purchasing role, managing hotel accounts throughout Asia. Over the last few years Rachael has enjoyed sharing her passion for travel with her two young children, travelling at every opportunity. After a sojourn working for a respected charity organisation, the pull and Rachael’s passion for travel was too great and she is excited to be back, doing what she loves best. Rachael adds an invaluable element to our team, providing account management support and ensuring we all remain one step ahead of the rest. 

We are passionate about achieving results that exceed expectation and deliver lasting, tangible growth of sales.
— Planet Promoters Team